Shocking Video of Former Star Academy Contestant Amani Swissi Abused by Her Concert Contractor

Shocking Video of Former Star Academy Contestant Amani Swissi Abused by Her Concert Contractor

Former Star Academy contestant, Tunisian Star Amani Swissi shocked her fans with a series of Stories she shared on Instagram.

Amani revealed to her 87.2k followers that she was beaten up by her concert contractor because she asked for her compensation.

Swissi shot the video as she was laying in bed at the hospital, and her face showed bruises as a result of the beating.

Amani collapsed while she was revealing her painful story, where she said: “Concert contractor Sufyan Al-Sialah kicked me with his feet and on my head, all of that because I only asked for my benefits. ”

After the video went viral, Sufyan broke his silence and responded to Amani’s accusations, saying: “Contrary to what Amani alleged and what was circulating on social media of my alleged assault against her, I want to clarify to everybody that her words are contrary to the truth.”

He continued: “She deliberately attempted  to provoke, insult, and curse me with obscene words that are inappropriate to be uttered by an artist, so I expelled her from my office and that was in front of the eyes of my neighbors in the building. Everyone knows that it is out of the question for me to resort to violence, regardless of the level of provocation, and my great confidence in the judiciary. ”

The video sparked wide reactions, as many demanded that whoever caused these injuries to the artist to be held accountable in order to stop violence against women, and some called for a clear investigation to reveal the truth, especially after concert contractor Sufyan Al-Sialah responded and denied what the Tunisian artist claimed.

Amani Swissi had participated in the second season of the talent show Star Academy in 2004. She was one of the students who qualified for the final shows and was selected top candidate twice during the season, but not lucky enough at the final stages, as she received 48% of votes compared to her Saudi rival, winner of the season Hisham Abdel Rahman with 51%.

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