Shocking! Demet Özdemir’s Boyfriend Oğuzhan Koç Likes Men Too! Is He Gay?

Italian gossip expert Alessandro Rosica does not seem to leave the Turkish couple, Demet Özdemir and Oğuzhan Koç, alone, any time soon.

And this time, Alessandro has revealed a shocking allegation about the Turkish singer’s sexuality.

It all started two weeks ago when Rosica shared a teaser about Demet and Oğuzhan with his 176k followers on Instagram and asked them to write 10,000 comments in order for him to spill the beans.

Unluckily, Alessandro’s post received only 4,000 comments, which he originally had captioned: ‘At least 10 thousand comments for the mega spoiler about Oguzhan-Demet that will be made available to everyone through a post. If I know you well, 10,000 comments are nothing for you, let’s start.’

is Oğuzhan Koç gay Oğuzhan Koç eşcinsel mi

Last week, Alessandro Rosica kept his promise and revealed the secret he claimed he knew about the Turkish couple, and it was about Oğuzhan Koç’s sexuality and the couple’s intention to end their relationship.

Is Oğuzhan Koç Gay?

Alessandro Rosica started his allegation by saying that ‘As well as this farce being a mega sponsorship, both business and sentimental, Oğuzhan incredibly would be hiding something even more,’

Then Rosica added that Oğuzhan is keeping something in the hiding: ‘His life somewhat out of the lines, so far very covered by Turkish VIP forces, would be too much for his country,’

Oğuzhan Koç having sex with men bisexual Oğuzhan Koç biseksüel erkeklerle seks yapıyor

Alessandro then dropped the bomb about Oğuzhan Koç sexuality, claiming that he’s not straight or gay, but bisexual.

‘It would be too much for his country, but let’s not just talk about an unruly life, the singer would even have had escapades with men, my sources don’t tell me that he is gay, as some may argue, but precisely bisexual, which is very difficult to swallow in Turkey, especially in the workplace.’

The Italian expert went on and talked about how well Oğuzhan Koç’s singing career and promotion business is doing, claiming that it’s all because of his relationship with Demet Özdemir.

Near Breakup Between Demet Özdemir and Oğuzhan Koç?

Alessandro Rosica addressed the possible future of the Turkish couple, claiming that ‘Demet would have announced that she did not want to continue in this farce,’

Adding: ‘On the other hand they could not break it so abruptly, it would be a huge fuss. In fact, the two would be studying a strategy to leave each other in a completely polite way, not abruptly like Can Yaman and Diletta, but wishing each other the best for their paths. This fake couple will not last.’

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