Sherine Reveals Undergoing a Huge Surgery.. Watch

Sherine Reveals Undergoing a Huge Surgery.. Watch

Egyptian songstress Sherine Abdel Wahab reveals for the first time the reason behind her disappearance for several months, which led many to speculate that she is pregnant.

It turned out that Sherine was not pregnant, after she revealed that she had been ill and had to undergo major surgery in her abdominal area.

Sherine said in televised statements: “I suffered from uterine fibrosis, which is a disease that comes to three quarters of women in the world, but the size of mine was large so I had a big operation that required a big opening in my abdomen, as though I had a cesarean section.”

Abdel Wahab added: “My body gained weight because I take medicine that causes water retention, but I am undergoing massage sessions and I’m on a diet so I can return to my original weight.”

Sherine went on to say: “But I need time, and I am not annoyed. I mean, either I sit at home and I refuse to perform in concerts, or I can go to work and brush it off. The truth is, I love to work, and I don’t let negative thoughts plague my mind.”

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