Sherine Abdel Wahhab Reveals She Would Want to Go Out With Brad Pitt And Have More Children

In an interview with Esaad younes on her program ‘ Her Excellency’ broadcast on the Egypptian channel ‘DMC’,m  Sherine Abdel Wahhab talked about multiple things, including what she wants to do before ‘she meets God’.

During the interview, Sherine answered many questions related to her personal life and her choices, joining the singer was her two daughters, Maryam and Hana.

Sherine was asked if she gets to choose to be someone else who would she be, and the Egyptian singer revealed she would have loved to be in Late American professional boxer’s shoes Muhammad Ali Clay, or Liverpool soccer player Mohammad Salah.

When she was given a choice between Aser Yassin, Dhafer Al-Abidin and Brad Pitt to spend time, Sherine chose Brad Pitt because he did not understand her language, and added: “I let him sit and flirt with me and we can dance with some slow-dance and then I would be ready to meet the Lord .” As for the dream that she has not yet achieved, Sherine said that she dreams of having more children, and on the professional level, she confirmed that she dreams of getting an Oscar.

Sherine considered that the best days of her life were the day she gave birth to her eldest daughter, “Maryam,” and wished that that day would return so much because it was the day she became a mother.

She also revealed that she has a difficult health condition, indicating that she spends only 10 days in good health, and she spends the next month suffering from fatigue.

The 41-year old shared that she loves and accepts herself very much during this period and went on to thank her fans who supported her during the difficult time amid breaking up with her husband Hossam Habib, and said: “May God keep you for me. Your love was a great support for me.”

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