Shatha Hassoun’s Revealing LBD Sparks Outrage on Her 40th Birthday (Video)

Happy 40th birthday Shatha!

Iraqi singer and Star Academy winner Shatha Hassoun has treated herself on her 40th birthday in Dubai.

Hassoun shared with her 2 million Instagram followers the birthday preparations, as she went to the saloon at first and had a foot message, which subjected her to heavy criticism for sharing private moments.

Later the Iraqi star headed to one of Dubai’s luxurious hotels, and commented that the hotel is going to be her home for the upcoming days.

Hassoun was thrown a star-studded birthday party attended by Lebanese presenter Annabella Hilal and her husband plastic surgeon Nader Saab, Lebanese father and son Assi and Al-Walid Hellani.

The birthday girl sported a LBD putting her cleavage on display, prompting followers to criticize the look and call it ‘indecent’ and that she did not respect her age.

Followers left comments like: ‘She looks like an old woman, neither the dress or hairstyle suit her’, ‘Eww, she looks like a teenager’, ‘The dress and hairstyle are embarrassing’, ‘The dress is too short and it doesn’t suit her age and body’, ‘at least she should respect her age and put on something more decent.’

Shatha is often bombarded with negative comments every time she shares a look, as her followers confirm that she chooses designs that are not suitable for her body most of the time.

On the other hand, Shatha’s fans assure that she is beautiful in all her forms, and that her choices are appropriate on most occasions.

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