Shams Shades Elissa During Her Visit to Iraq: ‘I’m Not Wearing a Bulletproof Vest’ (Video)

Kuwaiti artist Shams has documented her visit to the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, hours before her participation in Babel International Festival, which begins on Thursday.

In the videos, Shams appeared surrounded by a number of policemen, she was also talking to an Iraqi policewoman about their role in providing security and working to protect the country.

Shams replied: ‘I am in the middle of the streets of Baghdad. I do not want to security, there is no need for protective shield, nothing‘ in reference to the rumors circulated about Lebanese singer Elissa wearing a bulletproof vest during her concert in Iraq a few days ago, but Elissa totally denied it.

Shams also wrote on Twitter: “My tour in the streets of beloved #Iraq #Baghdad among my brothers, my people and my lovers without a bulletproof vest and no need for protection between you. You are safety and support, as usual, and in every visit to me, I like to confirm and clarify to the whole world the true image of Iraq, that it is a country of generosity, safety and kindness.’

Shams’s videos received wide reactions among the audience, and a number of them said that the artist, after making sure that there was security threat around her, she claimed that she did not want protection.

Shams also angered a number of Elissa’s fans, who wrote: ‘Who is shading Elissa? Elissa denied this and she is not stupid to wear a protective shield for her chest, stomach and back while her legs, head and hands are exposed!! Work on yourself and reach a quarter of Elissa’s feelings, fame, albums, sales and views, then speak.’

Shams arrived in Baghdad last Monday, as well as artist Shatha Hassoun, in preparation for participating in Babel International Festival, in addition to Egyptian singer Hani Shaker.


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