Sexi The Pussycat Dolls Under Fire Once Again

Sexi The Pussycat Dolls Under Fire Once Again

The Pussycat Dolls found themselves coming under fire once again on Friday night for their racy stage ensembles while performing on BBC’s Sport Relief.

And Nicole Scherzinger put on a defiant display as she stepped out with bandmates Ashley Roberts, Kimberly Wyatt and Carmit Bachar just hours later in Manchester.

The singer, 41, flashed a peace sign and smiled brightly after their performance, which sparked even more backlash over its raunchy nature following the band receiving 119 Ofcom complaints for their The One Show cameo in February.

Nicole looked stylish in a dark blue Gucci tracksuit that had red and white racer stripes across the sides for a glamorous display.

She complemented her look by wearing a simple white T-shirt and stepped out in a pair of backless, white loafers to finish off the look.

Her raven tresses were brushed into a tousled style, and she wore a slick of bright red lipstick for the occasion.

Since embarking on their reunion, the girlband have faced backlash after their raunchy performances on The X Factor, The One Show, and Sport Relief, with viewers complaining to Ofcom over their ‘inappropriate’ outfit choices.

They have been forced to hit back at suggestions their performances are deemed too sexy after their performance on The One Show at the end of February received 119 complaints to Ofcom.

It prompted BBC to release a statement, who insisted they had worked with The Pussycat Dolls to ensure their performance was ‘suitable’ for evening audiences.

The broadcaster said: ‘We worked with the band to ensure their performance was suitable. The Pussycat Dolls are well known for their dance routines and outfits and we announced at the start of the show that they would be appearing.

‘Their performance then came towards the end of the programme, just before 8pm.’

‘As with all performers, we worked with the band to ensure their performance was suitable for the programme.

‘We felt it was appropriate for the time slot and wouldn’t fall outside the expectations of most viewers. However, we appreciate that some viewers didn’t agree.

‘We believe this film highlighted an important issue. We have noted that some viewers felt that these two items shouldn’t have been included in the same programme.’

The girls slipped into very revealing PVC getups to perform their new single React on Sport Relief 2020’s live broadcast, with fans quick to have their say on Twitter.

Commenting on The Pussycat Doll’s appearance on the BBC show, one viewer suggested the steamy performance was an ‘odd fit’ for Sport Relief.

Another suggested the girls should be more ‘discreetly dressed’ on stage, while one viewer joked: ‘The #pussycatdolls are looking demure on #SportsRelief2020.’

One viewer commented: ‘Pussycat dolls beautiful women but should be a little more discretely dressed at their age….. #SportsRelief2020.’

A third tweeted: ‘Seriously @pussycatdolls it’s 2020, why do you feel that you have to use sex to sell and promote your song #yawn.’

One more said: ‘What the hell have the pussycat dolls got on i thought I was watching a porn movie #SportsRelief2020.’

Others, however, were loving the girlband’s look as they gushed the Pussycat Dolls had ‘slayed’ their performance on the fundraising show.

One fan tweeted: ‘The Pussycat Dolls killing the stage… That was hot!’

Another gushed: ‘@pussycatdolls slayed their performance of #REACT on #SportsRelief2020 stream stream stream…’

One more added: ‘@pussycatdolls loved watching you perform tonight you were brilliant as always!’

Having their say over the criticism surrounding their stage costumes, The Pussycat Dolls hit back that it’s ‘unfortunate’ their performances have been ‘misunderstood’.

Speaking to over in Australia, Kimberly Wyatt said: ‘I thought we were beyond this, but obviously the conversation needs to continue. We’re warriors when we step on stage, throwing everything into it.

‘It’s unfortunate that it’s so misunderstood by so many people. Luckily, we have a presence online now and we can help people understand us, understand dance, understand what intention means as a performer.’

Nicole added during an appearance on Australian talk show The Project: ‘It takes courage… it’s vulnerable. It takes courage to wear that stuff and do it.

‘We always do everything with confidence and the intent of empowering and inspiring others and all of our women out there and anyone who feels like they relate to us… We’re dancing hard like warriors.

Last year, the Pussycat Dolls announced they would be reuniting and heading on tour in 2020. Melody Thornton, who had been a part of the band, chose not to be a part of the reunion.

The Pussycat Dolls first formed in 2003 and split seven years later in 2010.

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