Sex Worker Strips Naked to Confront US Police

Sex Worker Strips Naked to Confront US Police

The Portland protester dubbed ‘Naked Athena’ for her nude confrontation with armed police has revealed how her display was unplanned and felt like ‘being in the eye of the storm’.

The woman, who said her name was Jen and she was a sex worker in her 30s, told how she was inspired to strip off to confront the officers after being affronted by their ‘macho’ stances.

‘There wasn’t planning and a lot of thought going into it,’ she told the ‘Unrefined Sophisticates’ podcast.

‘There was what felt like to me a very deep feminine place in myself that felt provoked.’

‘All the federal officers and cops, I looked at them and they stand there with this stance. Feet planted, shoulder width apart, arms at their side, chest up, head high, and its a warrior stance… and its not earned.’

She was with her partner, who she asked to hold her clothes, when she made the bold decision.

‘The fury arose in me and I told my friends ‘I want to be naked, I want to confront them’, and my partner said ‘I’ll hold your clothes’, and so I ducked in a doorway and took everything off except my mask and my hat… because its cold. And I walked out there.’

Jen added that she is ‘notoriously naked’.

‘There’s almost not anywhere that you can’t find me naked.

‘I have been intimidated by the cops just for being topless.  My nakedness is political and it is my expression.’

She described the incident as ‘really calm and terrifying at the same time’.

‘It’s like being in the eye of the storm,’ she added.

Further explaining her reasons for baring all in a display of vulnerability in front of the armed police officers, she said: ‘None of these people have weapons. Empty their pockets, take off their clothes—nobody has weapons here.

‘I just wanted them to see what they’re shooting at.’

Surreal video footage from the scene on early July 20th shows Jen striding towards the officers, who were in heavy protective gear including gas masks and helmets, almost completely naked.

Oregon state law is pretty lenient on public nudity, and in Portland it is only illegal to be naked in public with the intent to arouse.

The standoff came after the city of Portland marked its 50th consecutive night of unrest following the death of George Floyd, with crowds taking to the streets to denounce racial injustice.

Officers proceeded to fire pepper balls at the woman’s feet as she struck a series of poses and even reclined on the street at one point.

The city of Portland has seen daily Black Lives Matter protests decrying police brutality in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

Authorities are investigating a shooting at a protest in downtown Portland as demonstrations against police brutality continued for a 60th consecutive night in cities across the US on Sunday.

Reports of shots fired at Portland’s Lownsdale Square emerged at around 7.30pm local time as witnesses said a fight broke out between several armed individuals.

The Portland Police Department confirmed that two people had been taken into custody following the incident and said one person was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.

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