Seven people die as migrant boat sinks on Turkish lake

Victims drown after boat carrying people from South Asia sinks in Lake Van in Anatolia, 64 others are rescued.


Seven people died and 64 were rescued when a boat carrying refugees and migrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan sank on Thursday in eastern Turkey’s Lake Van, the governor’s office in Bitlis province said.

The boat sank after capsizing as it approached Adilcevaz, Bitlis, which is on the northern shores of Lake Van, the office said in a statement. The accident happened at approximately 3am (00:00 GMT).

The lake is near the border with Iran, from where migrants regularly cross into Turkey, heading west towards Europe.

It was not clear why the migrants were on the boat in Lake Van, which is completely within Turkey’s borders.

Five people were found dead at the scene and two died in hospital, while the 64 people rescued have been taken to nearby hospitals and shelters, the governor’s office said.

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