Seren Serengil Is Taken to the Emergency Room.. and Boyfriend Mustafa Tohma Reveals Her Health Status

Turkish actress Seren Serengil has been recently facing heath problems.

Seren Serengil, who had stomach surgery in 2016 for the sake of thinness, she has started to lose weight rapidly, she dropped 46 kilograms.

Later, the Turkish beauty was diagnosed with Dumping Syndrome which caused her to remain skin and bone.

Unfortunately, bad news came from Serengil. The famous actress was hospitalized as a result of increasing pain.

Her boyfriend Mustafa Tohma has revealed her health status after she was taken to the emergency room.

Seren Serengil acil olarak ameliyata alındı! Dumping Sendromu ile mücadele eden Seren Serengil'in son durumunu sevgilisi Mustafa Tohma açıkladı!

On social media, Mustafa Tohma wrote: “After the surgery, the gallbladder has become incapable of functioning. Therefore, it will be removed; As a result of the stones formed in the kidneys due to not drinking water and due to the surgery she had undergone. She will be taken to surgery urgently because the stones in the kidneys are blocking the channels. With your prayers, she will get through these days as well.”

Serengil said in a previous statement: “Last week, my disease regressed and I dropped to 46 kilograms. After every meal, I have a symptom, I get worse. My dizziness and nausea do not go away.”

Then Seren asked her followers that whoever had the same experience with Dumping Syndrome to provide her with any kind of help or information.

Seren Serengil Mustafa Tohma Dumping Sendromu Syndrome emergency hospital

“If there are people like me who have had this surgery, if I have experienced the symptoms and then they do not go away, how do they go? I would be very pleased if he could inform me.”

Serengil, who had Gastric bypass surgery in 2016, started to lose weight rapidly at that time, and even lost 25 kgs in a short period of 3.5 months. Seren Serengil’s doctors said that a ‘recycling surgery’ should be done.

In this operation, the part of the intestine that was deactivated by ‘gastric bypass surgery’ is reactivated.


Dumping Syndrome, which may occur after operation in which part or all of the stomach is removed, or after gastric bypass operation. It is defined as a symptom characterized by very rapid emptying of the stomach. Due to the reduction of the stomach, the stomach becomes closer to the intestines. If the patient consumes foods containing sugar after the surgery, after the food goes to the intestines, it is digested and absorbed by the veins in the intestines.

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