See Who Congratulated Kerem Bürsin on his 35th Birthday

Turkish star Kerem Bürsin celebrated his 35th birthday on the 4th of June.

And the ‘Knock On My Door’ actor shared on his Instagram page a screenshot of all the accounts of his friends and family who wished him a happy birthday.

Kerem Bürsin’s co-star Maya Başol, who starred as the actor’s daughter in the show ‘Knock On My Door’ wished her on-screen dad a happy birthday.

Also sending birthday wishes were Barbaros Tapan and Elçin Afacan -who co-starred with Kerem Bürsin and  Hande Erçel-, stars posted stories on their Instagram account, and Kerem later re-posted the snaps.

Bürsin thanked his friends saying: ”Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And you reading this, right now, I love you…that’s right, you..I love you! Now have some cake on my behalf and make some people happy and laugh. Cheers my wonderful friends ”

Earlier, Kerem Bürsin announced that he will be celebrating his birthday with his dog ‘Hector’, and he added: ”I won’t be doing anything special…I will spend the day like any other day hanging out with my dog.’

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