Search for survivor continues under Beirut building rubble

Rescue workers used cranes, shovels and their hands in search operations under the rubble of a building that collapsed last month in Beirut’s catastrophic explosion, hoping to find a survivor after a pulsing signal was detected.

Search operations began on Thursday afternoon after a Chilean rescue team said it detected signs of life in the rubble. On Friday morning, rescue workers were digging holes in the building’s debris pile in Mar Mikhail.

Later, they brought a 360-degree camera placed at the end of a long stick and pushed it into a hole in the building.

A scan from the camera did not turn up any trace of humans from that particular section.

A member of the TOPOS CHILE rescue team told Al Jazeera on Thursday that, using a scanning machine, it discovered signs of a pulse and breathing near the ground floor of the collapsed building.

He said it most likely belonged to a child, adding that the team also found the presence of at least one body.

French civil engineer Emmanuel Durand, who is assisting the rescue effort, said 3D mapping scans of the building had so far shown no signs of life.

“What we have seen so far is, unfortunately, no trace of any victim or body. We have been conducting two scans on two different rooms,” he said.

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