Scream 5 Earns $138 Million at The Global Box Office

The movie Scream 5 has achieved revenues of 138 million and 631 thousand dollars at the global box office since its release on January 14, and the revenues were divided between 80 million and 231 thousand dollars at the American box office, and 58 million and 400 thousand dollars at the global box office.

The movie Scream 5 has also received a rating of 77% by 239 international critics, and 83% by more than 2,500 certified viewers through Rotten Tomatoes, since its release on January 14 in various theaters around the world, and Egyptian theaters reached on January 20 last.

The film is similar to the new and old characters from the previous parts, and also confirms the presence of exciting events in the details of the story of the film, and the film makers had stated before that the audience should be prepared for all kinds of surprises, as another killer takes the Ghostface mask and begins a new killing wave, working from Produced by Paramount Pictures.

“Scream 5” is an American film directed by Matt Petinelli Olbin and Tyler Gillette.

The horror movie was released in January 13, 2022.

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