Scrapbooking Goes Digital Thanks to Covid-19

Earlier when there was no internet and children had long holidays, scrapbooking was a common fun thing to do. They would collect photos of their family and friends, paste them in a book and treasure the precious memories. With time we have lost the hobby of scrapbooking, but it’s never too late to catch up on the lost hobby.

If you are feeling lonely and bored owing to the night lockdown and looking for ways to keep yourself busy why not try digital scrapbooking? If the word digital is intimidating you, then know for sure that digital scrapbooking is quite simple and similar to the traditional one, Thee only difference is that it is  created online and certainly not messy.

The benefits of having a digital scrapbook are plenty. Since there isn’t any use of paper, glue and other craft material they are not messy and you save a lot on the use of paper,  All you need is a computer or a phone with image editing softwares,  digital graphics and your digital photos.

There are several scrapbook apps available on Android and iOS that will let you go back to your old days.There are several  scrapbook softwares like Adobe Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, Forever Artisan, My Memories Suite, Craft Artist and more. These are the different types of graphic files as well that you would need. You can find .png files of decorative elements. alphabets. template pages, Doodles and illustrations and more. Once you have these you can start creating your page.

Try the free app Skrappify. IIt is easy to use where one can edit photos and videos hassle free. You can also make collages, and combine photos, videos, and drawings on paper sheets.  The collection of stickers are an added advantage. Project Life is another scrapbooking app which comes with a variety of templates and pre-designed artwork. It also allows you to import from 3D camera apps, gallery, Dropbox, or any other source.

While SnapStore is another free app for Android and iOS users, the Photobook app is ideal for personalized and cute gifts, cards, photo books, and more.

Keepsayk is an amazing free app that lets you create and share beautiful scrapbooks. All you have to do is to choose your favourite photos and videos to make the most creative designs. For new parents Lifecake is a very useful app. It is a free app that allows parents to create a complete timeline of their children. It is a useful tool for making extraordinary photo albums and also … travel in time. Printastic, FreePrints, Shutterfly and  eBeam are some of the useful scrapbooking apps.

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