Scandalous Video of Saad Al-Soghayar Sniffing and Kissing Belly Dancer Shams’s Feet Following Marrying BOMBSHELL Second Actress

Egyptian singer Saad Al-Soghayar has shocked fans and his first wife when his second wife announced that they got married.

Al-Soghayar proposed to bombshell Egyptian actress Berlanty Amer, a move that came as a shock to the audience and Saad Al-Soghayar’s own family.

Berlanty Amer confirmed that her marriage to Saad Al-Soghayar was not customary or a secret, indicating that he usually visits her at her home in the Al-Ahram Gardens, which is the residence of Berlanty and her children from her first husband.

On Instagram, Berlanty Amer shared a video of Saad Al-Soghayar where he congratulated her.

He said: ‘Happy birthday to my wife Berlanty Amer and may we be together next year. You are the happiness element in my life, you are my life, my beloved Umm Adham.’

Saad Al-Soghayar and Berlanty Amer’s marriage didn’t came as a shock to their fans only, but to Saad’s first wife Nour Al-Hoda too.

On Facebook, Nour wished bad things to happen to her husband Saad and his new wife Berlanty.

Once news broke, social media users started circulating an old video of Saad Al-Soghayar while he was sniffing and kissing belly dancer Sham’s feet.

An old photo of the couple while sharing a smooch also resurfaced.

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