Say Goodbye to Your Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is unquestionably a nuisance but why does hair become frizzy? To put it simply; dryness. A lack of salubrious natural oils in your scalp leads to dull and dry hair, inevitably leaving it frizzy. The collectively accepted culture of endorsing several chemical-based hair care products, heat styling, over-shampooing and those scalding hot showers people seem to delight in, are robbing your scalp of necessary oils that would otherwise protect you from hair damage and frizzy hair.

This beckons the questions, “How can I restore the delicate balance of my scalp microbiome and enjoy frizz-free hair once again?” In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Namrata Reddy Sirupa, Founder of Satliva, answered, “Hemp Seed Oil is used for a multitude of skin and hair problems but the one unique ability that stands out is its knack for fighting frizz. Hemp Seed Oil is rich in several essential nutrients, it keeps the scalp and hair moisturised, locks in the moisture, promotes hair growth, repairs damaged hair and even helps restore the balance of the scalp microbiome which is essential for healthy hair.”

She gushed, “It works towards keeping your scalp perpetually moisturised and hydrated, thus keeping frizz at bay. Including products crafted using Hemp Seed Oil in your hair care routine is an effective method if you prefer frizz-free hair. A Hemp with Avocado Hair Oil or an Argan Rosemary Hair Cream are wonderful combinations to get you started on the path to healthy frizz-free hair.”

According to Rhythm Vats Bhardwaj, Co-Founder of Riyo Herbs India, before knowing how to treat frizzy hair, it’s important to know what causes frizzy hair. She highlighted, “Frizz occurs when your hair porosity is low i.e., the ability of your hair to absorb and retain moisture is not good. Your hair needs moisture to remain healthy, smooth, and frizz-free. This is why in humidity our hair is most likely to get frizzy as the environment soaks up all the moisture. One of the most common reasons that cause frizz is the usage of harsh and chemical hair products as they pull the natural oils out of the hair making them fragile. Over washing also strips out the natural oils of the hair.”

She suggested, “To treat frizzy hair you need a chemical-free and consistent hair care routine. Starting off with a hydrating shampoo would do wonders. A good chemical-free hydrating shampoo adds moisture and texture to your hair leaving them frizz free and healthy. It also helps improve the porosity of the hair. Another important step is to use a conditioner that is formulated with natural keratin protein to make your hair easy to manage and soft. To complete the routine, apply hair serum at dry ends for detangled and lustrous hair but don’t forget to avoid the usage of heat-styling tools and towel-drying your hair.”

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