Sawsan Badr Shares Proud Wrinkles Image

Sawsan Badr Shares Proud Wrinkles Image

Egyptian actress Sawsan Badr shared a new black-and-white picture with her 272k followers on Instagram.

Sawsan was proud to focus on the 62 years she had lined on her beautiful face by posting a close-up picture with a smile.

Badr didn’t only proudly exhibit her wrinkles by putting them on display, but also by talking about them in the caption section, writing: “Long time ago, I decided to preserve my looks without changing them, I take care of my skin, but I’m not interested in wiping off years of it.”

She added: “I would like to have my appearance in the best shape that I am supposed to have for now, not 30 years ago.”

Few hours ago, Sawsan Badr paid tribute to her fellow actress Ragaa Elgedawy, who passed away in the early morning hours because of Coronavirus, by posting an old picture of Ragaa and describing her as a “life-long friend.”

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