Sawsan Badr Asks People Who See Art as Against Islamic Beliefs to Leave The Business

Egyptian actress Sawsan Badr spread controversy social networking sites with her bold statements during her guest appearance on the “Ink Secret” program with the Egyptian media, Asma Ibrahim.

Sawsan Badr was asked about her opinion of scenes of seduction and daring scenes in the film and television business; It is rare to see her play a daring role, so the question is: “There are no bold scenes in most of your works… do you reject bold scenes? or they were not offered to you in the first place?”

Badr explained that the directors are not currently offering her bold roles because of her age, and said: “I am not currently being offered bold roles because I am playing the role of a mother and a Grandmother, and these roles have no courage. Even when I was young, however when I was younger, i didnt not have the ability to reject roles.”

As for her youth, Badr indicated that whenever she was offered bold scenes, she would evaluate them as she explained:’I used to look at it in a way if the scene was dramatically important or not.  If the scene was not important, and would not affect the project or the film, I wouldn’t do it.”

She also revealed that she once refused an offer of a bold role, but ended up being played by another artist whom she refused to share the name of.

The actress also opened up about art and wether it is forbidden or halal during the program.

Asma Ibrahim asked the actress to express her opinion about artists who feel art is against Islamic beliefs Bader answered: “He who says that art is forbidden, should leave the business.”

‘And generally speaking whatever your job is, if you are not comfortable doing it or feel like it is ‘Haram’ don’t do it and just leave your job’.

Sawsan indicated that Egypt is the cradle of arts and the cradle of morals ,everyone knows what is right and wrong.

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