Saudis Warned Against Using Random Health Medications to Combat Coronavirus

Saudis Warned Against Using Random Health Medications to Combat Coronavirus

Saudi health authorities have warned people against using random medications and health tips circulating on social media to combat coronavirus.

The World Health Organization has also warned against using untested drugs to treat coronavirus patients.

Ministry of Health spokesman Dr. Mohammed Al-Abd Al-Aly said that when a vaccine is available, it will be made public worldwide.

Speaking at the ministry’s daily press conference to provide coronavirus updates, he described the use of social media to promote herbal treatments for coronavirus as deplorable.

Al-Aly also condemned baseless and unscientific claims on different ways to treat the disease.

“Who gave them the right to make such claims? I hope everyone rejects these lies,” he said.

Research needed to develop a vaccine could take “months or up to a year,” he added.

Al-Aly said that of 28,000 people who underwent advanced forms of testing for coronavirus, only 562 tested positive.

Saudi health authorities on Monday confirmed 51 new cases of coronavirus. Of these, 26 people had come from abroad, while the rest contracted the virus from people who had earlier tested positive.

So far, 19 people have recovered from the disease and no virus-related death has been reported in the Kingdom.

Commenting on the royal order imposing a 21-day curfew across the Kingdom, Al-Aly said that it is an added preventive measure to ensure public safety.

He urged people to follow all government orders and instructions to help check the spread of coronavirus.

“The rest of the world is going through a crisis, but countries that have acted before an outbreak are less affected,” Al-Aly said.

The citywide breakdown of cases reported on Monday is: Riyadh 18, Makkah 12, Taif 6, Bisha 5, Dammam 3, Qatif 3, Jazan 2, Najran 1 and Qunfudah 1.

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