Saudi’s First Female Skaters Want to Make it All The Way to The Top

The first Saudi female rollerblading team is preparing for its debut international tournaments.

Hajar Mohammed, 13, said skating is “one of the most beautiful and pleasurable sports for girls. It is full of fun, challenge, and competition, and it boosts fitness.”

Hajar, who has been practicing for four years, said that her family’s support was her primary motive. “This sport highly depends on concentration, which requires a clear mind as we need synchronization of both nerves and muscles,” she said.

She added that the support of the Saudi Skating League was the turning point for her.

“These elites worked with efficiency and dedication to establish a strong Saudi team with a good reputation at the regional level, to prepare it to reach international levels.”

She hopes that there will be a special location for skating that could host all big competitions, especially as it is an entertainment sport, which boasts a huge number of fans worldwide.

“I hope that this sport spreads throughout the Kingdom, for it is worth being practiced, has big benefits on the fitness, skills, and psychological levels, and is considered as an aerobic sport,” she added.

She said that skating could be practiced in parks away from streets or cars like in Western countries, adding: “We are on our way to reach a secure competitive environment, where everyone can practice this sport with passion and assurance.”

Aljawhara Minwer, the team’s media and public relations officer, said that the female skating team was the first to be founded by the end of 2018 by the Saudi Skating League under the management of Zaher Al-Asiri, Raeah Al-Attas, and coach Abdul Aziz Al-Qahtani.

“After launching the first female team, the league formed the first female skating national team,” she said. “The team is preparing to represent the Kingdom in international competitions.”
Minwer said the Saudi Skating League had organized more than 60 local female tournaments, adding that the players are aged between 13 and 35. The national team has 32 members.

“A special academy was founded to teach women this sport. Competitions are divided into various categories like speed skating, marathons, and more. There are also individual challenges,” she added.
Zaher Al-Asiri, president of the Saudi Skating League, said the league will develop skating talents, and establish a national team capable of competing in international tournaments and “organize educational seminars and workshops, and local competitions for all age groups to increase the number of those who practice this sport.”

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