Saudi Wildlife Center Plans to Issue Passports to Falcons!

Saudi Wildlife Center Plans to Issue Passports to Falcons!

Abdul Rahman Al-Fadli, minister of environment, water and agriculture, on Wednesday inaugurated an electronic platform “Fateri” as part of the National Center for Wildlife Development plans to streamline the procedures for the issuance of licenses for import, export and other activities related to wildlife including trading in fungal organisms and their products.

With the launch of the portal, all licensing procedures will now be done online. In the first phase, the platform will offer nine services, which also include issuance of passports to falcons.
On the occasion, Al-Fadely handed over the first passport issued to a falcon through the service to its owner.

Falconry is an important part of the cultural desert heritage of Arabs of Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries going back thousands of years.

Falcons, whose flight speeds can exceed 300 km (186 miles) an hour, are recognized internationally as endangered. Countries have varying regulations governing their sale, capture, breeding and hunting activities.

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