Saudi Vlogger Alanoud Alissa Semi Naked & Declares She’s Married To 4 Artists (Pictures + Video)

Saudi Vlogger Alanoud Alissa Semi Naked & Declares She's Married To 4 Artists (Pictures + Video)

How do you respond to your followers’ questions, cuz Alanoud likes to do it naked!

Saudi vlogger Alanoud Alissa had a Q&A session with her Snapchat followers.

Instead of answering them via normal text or decent videos, she chose to strip off and take semi-naked mirror selfies.

One follower asked her if she knows a song for Saudi artist Talal Maddah. She answered him: “Talal Maddah, Rabeh Saqr, Abdul Majeed Abdullah and Rashid Al Majid, I am married to them in my imagination. Thank you.”

Another follower commented: “You seem to be Russian”, and she responded: “Everyone who sees me here tells me the same thing, nobody thinks I’m Saudi, I don’t know why.”

Alanoud’s session caused a sensation that made the audience describe her as a pervert.

To add insult to injury, she shared an obscene video with her 89k followers on Twitter sporting a thong, captioning it “Total B lol”.

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