Saudi Survey Designed to Show What Kind of Art People Want

Saudi Survey Designed to Show What Kind of Art People Want

The Ministry of Culture has launched a comprehensive “cultural database” questionnaire for employees in the Saudi cultural sector through an e-platform that allows groups to register personal and professional data.

The survey will gather cultural sector data, which will be used to design strategic cultural projects and promote communication with artists and intellectuals in the film, language and translation, literature, music, theater and performing arts, visual arts, fashion, library, heritage, museum, architecture and design and culinary art industries.

The Ministry of Culture aims to create an integrated national cultural database that supports the cultural community and determines the nature and size of projects and bodies that can accommodate local technical and cultural know-how. These include civil society institutions and associated nonprofit cultural projects.

The cultural database is the first of its kind in the Kingdom. It will be developed in several phases through the electronic platform. The first phase is dedicated to surveying the main occupational and functional data of artists and intellectuals. Detailed phases relating to local artistic and cultural affairs will follow.

The ministry will communicate with the Kingdom’s cultural sector to design strategic projects and achieve one of the key pillars of Saudi Vision 2030 in building a resilient community.

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