Saudi statistics authority urges against inviting census field researchers into homes

Saudi Arabia’s General Authority for Statistics released an ad in which it calls on citizens and residents not to invite census field researchers into their homes while on the job.

The video ad, which has garnered over 400,000 views since it was posted on Twitter on April 24, shows a field researcher being welcomed by a man who invites him in for a cup of coffee as an expression of hospitality.

The field researcher agrees to come in for a cup of coffee after he politely rejected the request at first. He then asks if he can carry out the census. However, he fails to even begin with carrying out his duties as lunch was served, another gesture of hospitality.

While the ad highlights the Saudi culture of generosity and hospitality toward guests and strangers alike, it urges citizens and residents not to invite field researchers to their homes so they can efficiently do their work.

The ad also reminds citizens and residents that information shared with field researchers is confidential and private, hence it must only be conveyed to the field researcher.

According to the General Authority for Statistics, there are three methods to participate in the Saudi Census 2022: self-enumeration, field enumeration and self-enumeration stations.

Self-enumeration allows families and individuals to complete the census questionnaire online without a field enumeration visit. The system includes different languages to serve non-Arabic speakers.

The second method, field enumeration, entails a visit by a field researcher to households who have signed up to participate in the consensus.

Self-enumeration stations are dedicated offices where people can meet the field researcher to help them fill in the census questionnaire.

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