Saudi Singer Aedh Yousef Ties the Knot To This Artist (Picture)

Saudi Singer Aedh Yousef Ties the Knot To This Artist (Picture)

Saudi singer Aedh Yousef has confirmed his marriage and posted a picture on Instagram with his new bride, Saudi artist Hiba Al-Hussain, and captioned it: “Thank God, I tied the knot today,” mentioning his new wife’s Instagram.

One of the first to congratulate Aedh was Saudi fashionista Sarah Al-Wadaani, who commented: “Congratulations. May God grant you success, happiness and make it the marriage of a lifetime, and help you be the husband of her lifetime, and her the wife of your lifetime, and bless you with happiness, blissfulness and the comfort of stability.”

Aedh Yousef had topped Google trending list in Saudi Arabia with half a million searches of his name before confirming the marriage.

As for his new wife, Hiba Al-Hussain is a Saudi artist born to Saudi parents.

She holds a bachelor degree in English Literature and a master degree in media.

Hiba, who is in her 30’s, worked as a presenter for 5 years, then she was offered a role in the comic play Atheeb Fil Galeeb along with the famous Saudi comedian Nasser Al-Qassabi.

Last Ramadan, Al-Hussain also acted next to Nasser in their hit series Exit 7.

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