Saudi Rayan Jailer: Rawan Bin Hussain’s Husband Sent Me Pictures of His Body Parts!

Saudi Rayan Jailer: Rawan Bin Hussain's Husband Sent Me Pictures of His Body Parts!

The artists community is in great shock after Kuwaiti fashionista Rawan Bin Hussain had revealed that she was raped by her husband, Libyan businessman Youssef Migariaf.

It looks like controversial Saudi blogger Rayan Jailer has experienced some sexual abuse from Rawan’s husband as well, as he shared that Youssef had harassed him in the past.

Rayan shared a lengthy post on Snapchat revealing what happened, he wrote: “In solidarity with the campaign of exposing molesters, I will share with you my story from childhood to adulthood, being a person considered by some to be handsome, and unfortunately the majority of society’s view of the beautiful person that he is stripped of all principles, customs and traditions.”

He added: “I am not afraid to say it today, I was subjected to harassment and bullying even from family since my childhood age until now. If I had no fear of ruining my family’s relationship with them, I would have exposed them by pictures.”

Jailer continued: “Ex husband of the fashionista had sent me pictures of his body parts, and I encourage anyone being harassed not to be silent.”

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