Saudi Nipples! Model Roz Leaves Nothing to Imagination in Her 30th Birthday Celebration (Video)

Saudi fashionista who calls herself ‘Model Roz’ is trending on social media.

The Saudi beauty has been celebrating her 30th birthday for a week now, throwing one party after another where she resides in Los Angeles, USA.

However, last night’s party was the most controversial of them all, because of the outfit Roz picked for the outing.

model roz saudi nipples boobs half naked

The Saudi-born model sported an orange dress featured with a deep cleavage and thigh-high cut.

Roz said: ‘Today I am throwing my birthday party and I’m wearing orange color that I lately like very much.’

From the videos she shared on Snapchat and Instagram, Model Roz was seen performing exaggerated dancing moves as if she was focusing on parading her body in an inappropriate way, according to commentators.

Followers showered the Saudi model with criticism, leaving comments like:

Model Roz has no content but her body. Isn’t she afraid that something would happen to it and she would be left out of content?’

‘As if no one has a body other than her! She does not get enough of showing off. She is exaggerating! Every day she uploads a more vulgar clip than the one before, as if she hadn’t lived and studied her entire life in Al-Madina Al-Monawara.’

‘Since Model Roz and Rahaf al-Qunun got out of Saudi Arabia, the first thing they did was stripping off their clothes, knowing that many foreigners dress in loose-fitting and modest fashion.’

model roz saudi nipples boobs half naked

Separately, the Saudi fashionista has surprised her followers by revealing her real name for the first time, and the reasons that prompted her to hide it, after receiving a question from a follower during a live broadcast via Snapchat.

Model Roz’s real name is Rawan Abdullah Abu Zaid, and she said that at first she picked the name ‘Rozana‘, but people shortened the name to Roz, so she kept it as it is, Model Roz.

model roz saudi nipples boobs half naked

model roz saudi nipples boobs half naked

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