Saudi Fugitive Rahaf Al-Qunun Licks Her Boyfriend’s Lips in a Sexual Position on Valentine’s Day (Video)

After declaring that she’s bisexual and breaking up with her boyfriend multiple times, Rahaf Al-Qunun couldn’t pass February 14 without posting a Valentine’s picture.

With her 150k Instagram followers, Saudi fugitive Rahaf Al-Qunun has shared yet another obscene picture to express her love to Congolese boyfriend Lofulo Randy.

The couple who resides in Canada shared a kiss as Rahaf sat in Lofulo’s lap.

In another shocking picture, Al-Qunun licked Randy’s lips while they were posing for a selfie.

Rahaf’s kisses were not the only things that provoked Saudis, because she sported an attire that was far from being decent or covering.

The Saudi fugitive put her cleavage on display in a revealing cheetah-printed blouse and paired it with a short skirt.

Rahaf captioned the Valentine’s post: ‘Whatever souls are made of, his and mine are the same! happy Valentines.’

Arab followers, especially Saudis, were shocked to see Rahaf Al-Qunun in this state.

One follower told her: ‘Please stop wearing these revealing clothes, at least do it for your mother and family in Saudi Arabia.’

Others added: ‘May God help her family when they see this’, ‘Who knows, she may repent’, ‘Rahaf, what exactly are you trying to prove? Aren’t you ashamed? At least respect that you are Saudi. Cover your scandals because shame will reach your family whom you said that you love and always talk to. Who do you aim these pictures at on social media? You humiliated yourself and your family. May Allah guide you.’

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