Saudi Footballer Fawaz Al-Qarni Breaks the Law!

Saudi Footballer Fawaz Al-Qarni Breaks the Law!

Saudi security forces continued to impose discipline in the Kingdom’s streets without discrimination, to ensure the implementation of the official curfew in many cities, as a precautionary measure against the outbreak of the novel «Covid-19».

Security personnel arrested Saudi international footballer Fawaz Al-Qarni, goalkeeper at Al-Ittihad team, for violating the curfew in Jeddah, and fined him 40,000 riyals.

The goalkeeper admitted to going out of the house with his family, to drive around the streets of Jeddah, at the time of curfew, in order to break the routine.

Al-Qarni revealed in a live Instagram with his teammate Abdel-Rahman Al-Aboud that he could not stand to stay at home during the past period, and decided to tour the city of Jeddah with a number of his family members.

Fawaz Al-Qarni concluded his speech admitting that he cross-passed two checkpoints on the highway, before he was stopped by security men at a third checkpoint. This caused the police to make him pay a fine for violating the curfew, without making an excuse to his status as an international player.

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