Saudi Fashionista Under Fire Over Daughter’s Birthday Look

Celebrating her daughter’s birthday, Saudi fashionista and internet influencer Sarah Al Wadaani has received many angry comments criticizing her choice of daughter’s outfit.

Sarah Al Wadaani celebrated Sukkara’s birthday by dressing her up in a bridal dress.

She posted photos and videos across social media accounts including Snapchat and Instagram, where her followers either complimented that 1-year-old baby’s look or questioned the choice of the bridal white dress and veil usually worn by women on their wedding days.

Sarah Al Wadaani's daughter

Sarah Al Wadaani's daughter

Sarah Al Wadaani often includes her children in her social media posts, including many vlogs during which she makes comments about motherhood experiences.

On Instagram, Sarah Al Wadaani has more than 2.3 million followers in addition to near 6 million others on Snapchat.

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