Saudi Driving School Advertises For More Women Instructors

Saudi Driving School Advertises For More Women Instructors

The Saysed Driving School in Taif has put out an advertisement for women who want to work as driving instructors, in order to meet the increasing demand on driving courses for women.

The announcement said over 10,000 women had filed driving license applications, and that this huge number would require the school to train and hire more female instructors to work with them. In order to be a driving instructor, the applicant must complete a 45-day course as well as have a valid driving license.

The announcement said that so far over 500 young women had been issued a driver’s license having completed the school’s driving course, passed the road test, and undergone eight hours of theoretical instruction. They also completed a two-hour simulation lesson and 20 hours of field training.

The school was opened in January 2020, and its driving course costs SR2,520 ($671) and involves different units which the applicant has to pass before being assessed and qualified to operate a vehicle on the road.

The school has advanced training facilities including classrooms, simulation machines, and training tracks.

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