Saudi Crown Prince inaugurates second phase of restoring historical mosques

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman inaugurated the launch of the second phase of refurbishing and restoring 30 historical mosques across 13 regions in the Kingdom, the official Saudi Press Agency reported on Tuesday.

The project aims to restore 130 mosques across various regions in Saudi Arabia.

In the second phase, six mosques in Riyadh, five in Mecca, four in Medina, three in Asir, and two in the eastern province will be restored, SPA reported.

In the al-Jawf and Jazan regions, and one mosque in each of the northern borders of Tabuk, al-Baha, Najran, Hail, and al-Qassim have also been chosen for the project, according to the SPA report.

Companies specialized in restoring historical buildings have been designated to undertake the task, with emphasis on involving Saudi engineers to “preserve the original identity of each mosque,” SPA reported.

The Prince Mohammed bin Salman Project for the Development of Historical Mosques was announced in 2018 and has been tasked with preserving and restoring 130 mosques situated throughout the Kingdom.

During the first phase of the project, 30 mosques were restored at a cost of more than $13.3 million (SAR 50 million). The oldest mosque restored in the first phase was 1,432 years of age.

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