Saudi Brand Presents its ‘Driving Jacket’ at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum

Saudi brand Hindamme, founded by designer Mohammed Khoja, is presenting its “Driving Jacket” at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum. 

Khoja designed the black and green bomber jackets with the insignia “June 24, 2018, 10 Shawwal 1439” — the date when women in the Kingdom were allowed to drive.

The unisex design, which was created in 2018, features gold and black embroidery in comes in the colors of Saudi Arabia’s flag.

The Victoria & Albert museum is exhibiting the green version of the jacket, which has become part of its permanent collection.

In a previous interview with Arab News, Khoja said: “I was moved by the decision to lift the ban on women driving, because it seemed like something that would never happen. It is a symbolic gesture. The ban has always been held against us as Saudis.”

Khoja said he hoped his jacket would help fashion-conscious Saudis mark the event.

“Every country has historic days when things happen that shift the course of the future — and this is one of those dates. That was the inspiration. I thought, how can I, as a designer, pay tribute to this?

“I call it a driving jacket to commemorate the date.”

The designer said he was “super-proud” of the direction Saudi society was taking with this “progressive push.”

The exhibition showcases clothing, accessories, design, and cultural memorabilia.

Besides Hindamme’s jacket, the museum is also presenting a pair of shoes by Christian Louboutin, the Mae West Lips sofa designed by Salvador Dali, the 2015 Selfish book of selfies by Kim Kardashian and more.

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