Saudi Billionaire Businesswoman Reportedly Marries Her Pakistani Driver (Video)

A video of Saudi billionaire businesswoman Sahoo Bint Abdullah Al-Mahboob tying the knot to a handsome man went viral on social media.

It’s been reported that Sahoo, 35, has married her driver who is Pakistani.

According to Twitter user @aljjahra_q8, Al-Mahboob’s net fortune is 8 billion dollars and she owns estates in Mecca and Paris.

Some followers indicated that love does not know material differences and does not differentiate between one nationality and another, wishing them a happy life ever after.

While others commented that the information in the tweet was wrong, denying that she had married her driver, confirming that she married one of her family members who descends from Pakistani origins, adding that the groom’s family has a long history of serving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as his grandfather had founded Engineering College at Petroleum University.

They also clarified that Sahoo’s fortune is less than 8 billion dollars.

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