Saudi authorities invite public to comment on new digital plan

Authorities in Saudi Arabia are inviting the public to share their feedback on a new project that aims to help digitize government services.

The Digital Government Authority (DGA) has published a draft of its Regulatory Framework of the Digital Government, a document intended to serve as a reference for all government and semi-government agencies and private entities working with the government.

It will serve as the basis for which future regulations around digital government services are created.

The draft framework has been published on the Istitla’a platform, through which people can share their comments.

It has been approved by the DGA’s board of directors.

Saudi Arabia’s DGA is an independent body that is responsible for regulating the Kingdom’s government digital infrastructure.

It is aiming to create a ‘smart’ government by the year 2024, which would involve providing public servants with digital capabilities, and allowing citizens to interact with government services online.

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