Saudi Arabia Opens Language Initiative to Connect its Youth With World Cultures

Saudi Arabia Opens Language Initiative to Connect its Youth With World Cultures

Languages play a crucial role in bridging gaps between different cultures. The internet revolution has helped transform the world into a global village in its true sense. Social media and other modes of communication have removed barriers and physical boundaries helping people connect with one another all over the world.

Such a connection also helps people understand each other and promotes harmony and tolerance. With the same purpose in mind, an initiative has been launched to connect Saudi youth with other cultures by helping them learn new languages.

As part of a series of new initiatives launched by the Saudi Elite Group Organization (SEGO), the Elite Languages Initiative was announced in cooperation with young Saudis who speak various languages, such as English, French, Spanish, and German, by publishing short videos and reports about Saudi achievements through the Elite platforms.

The SEGO is also working on several other initiatives such as the Saudi Heritage Initiative, which includes videos and infographics on the history of different regions of Saudi Arabia, and the most prominent historic monuments and intellectuals.

The Elite Cultural Council is another initiative, which hosts distinguished personalities to talk about issues related to youth empowerment and technology and how to link creative Saudi youth with global technology institutions.

Mohammed Al-Hamed, the founder and president of Saudi Elite Group, told Arab News that it is a public relations organization whose first goal is to empower and train Saudi youth through the group’s partnerships with several government agencies. It helps Saudi youth find full and part-time job opportunities in government agencies.

Al-Hamed said that he established SEGO in 2018, and it is one of the Experiences PR Foundation’s initiatives for Saudi youth empowerment.

“SEGO has a larger number of social network connections that can help us access numerous high professionals in the industry, and that has helped them gain the attention of capable speakers,” he said.

Commenting on whether they offer various levels of courses in order to obtain higher language certification, Al-Hamed said that they had signed agreements with different universities and educational institutions around the world to send students to learn English, Chinese, French and Spanish, as well as some academic majors such as engineering, computer science, tourism, heritage, and hospitality.

To ensure continuity, the group is keen on collaborating with government agencies to provide rehabilitation and training opportunities for Saudi youth through the group’s relations with specialized Saudi and American companies.

“Our sustainability plan depends on all the agreements we made with these agencies,” he said.

Al-Batool Al-Fayez, executive director of the group, said that the group’s goals are in line with Saudi Vision 2030 as it is creating a new concept in the field of public relations and empowering young Saudis.

Al-Hamed said: “One of the benefits of learning different languages for youth is to connect with other cultures, the thing which makes them more open-minded and tolerant of diversity. Therefore, at Elite, we stress on facilitating learning languages in different ways. With our international agreements, we can guarantee a wonderful broad scholarship journey for students.”

The Elite Group signed an agreement in May with California State University (CSU), represented by Fresno State University, to cooperate in the fields of cybersecurity, hotel management, heritage, and tourism.

The agreement includes designing and implementing advanced academic programs and special training courses for the group’s initiatives, as well as providing academic consultations and facilitating admission procedures.

The agreement also includes providing training opportunities for Saudi youth in various American companies.

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