Saudi Arabia Launches New Service to Report Violations of Inmates

Saudi Arabia Launches New Service to Report Violations of Inmates

The Public Prosecution has launched, in collaboration with the Absher platform, an electronic service that allows citizens and residents to submit complaints in case of any violation of the rights of detainees arrested for breaking the law.

Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser Al-Muqbel, the department’s assistant undersecretary for prison supervision and enforcement of sentences, said the new service reflects keenness to supervise prisons, ensure justice and preserve citizens’ rights.4

He added: “The Public Prosecutor will follow up the case, go to where the detainee is held, conduct the necessary investigations, order the detainee’s release if there are irregularities in his arrest, and take necessary measures against perpetrators of the illegal arrest.”

Al-Muqbel said the Public Prosecution is developing its monitoring role by increasing transparency.

In 2017, King Salman issued a decree to amend the name of the Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution to the Public Prosecution, and linking its office directly to the king. Minister of Justice Walid Al-Samaani said linking the Public Prosecution directly to the king is an important step which comes in line with measures practiced in countries with developed judiciaries, and in accordance with Islamic Shariah.

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