‘Satirical Comedy’ Mocks Arab Values Critics Say

A “satirical comedy” has sparked outrage among some segments in society over perceived violation of social norms.

“Watan A Watar”, starring Imad Farajin in the lead along with Jordanian and Palestinian actors, is being aired on a local TV channel during Ramadan.

Calling for the show to be taken off air, critics say that the fifth episode of the show included inappropriate content, which violated the sanctity of the holy month. It also, they said, provoked social sensibilities.

The episode “made a mockery of Arab values and customs in general, and Jordanian in particular”, critics say.

Many took to the social media to express their discontent with the show. The hashtag #StopImadFarajin topped the trending pages on online platforms.

A Twitter user named Amjad Al Amad said that “the television channel, which airs the show must listen to its viewers and to stop airing a work that does not attract people to the screen.”

“There are undoubtedly some people who like the series, I am personally not among them, but curiosity prompted me to watch the controversial episode,” he tweeted in Arabic.

Twitter user named Saeed tweeted in Arabic that the show “is a slapstick that disrespects all segments of society”.

In a television interview Farajin said: “I’m aware of my red lines, and we know our border lines; those who choose to watch our show are welcome and those who don’t are free to do so.”

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