Sarah Angius Who Expects Baby Shares What it is Like to be Stuck at Home During This Unusual Time

Sarah Angius Who Expects Baby Shares What it is Like to be Stuck at Home During This Unusual Time

As people across the world stay at home amid the coronavirus pandemic, we catch up with our favorite stars, asking them a quickfire round of questions about their time in isolation.

Sarah Angius, who is based in the Netherlands, is expecting a baby in a few weeks. Anguis, who is positive about the situation, tells us what it is like to be stuck at home during this unusual time.

How has self-isolation been for you so far?
It’s been good so far with some challenges of course. But I’m enjoying doing things at home that I usually don’t have the time for. And also having my husband around, since he’s working from home now, has been a lot of fun.

What’s the biggest challenge?
Staying positive, and not overthinking too much. We’re expecting our first baby in a few weeks and that has been worrying me a bit. There is so much happening in hospitals right now and there is so much changing everyday but we’re positive and I’m doing my best to enjoy these weeks as much as I can despite the circumstances.

What is something positive that has happened due to self-isolation in your life?

I have the time to be present. I’m enjoying taking my time to chat with my family from all over the world almost everyday now, because everyone is home. And also having the time to cook more. I’m preparing meals that I usually cook occasionally because it takes too much time to prepare during the week.

What are you currently watching in self-isolation?
On Netflix I’ve been watching documentaries and series like “Friends,” “Tiger King,” “Casa de Papel,” and “Ozark”.

What are you eating? Have you tried cooking anything new?

I’m preparing more Iraqi dishes now that I have the time to do so. My husband (Italian) has been enjoying these a lot! And I’ve been looking online for new meals to try out.

How are you keeping sane as you stay home?

Talking about the situation with my husband, sister and parents and how to deal with all these uncertain feelings and times. It’s very important to keep connected with those who can lift you up even from a distance. I have my ups and downs like everyone but I’ve learned if you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening.

How are you keeping fit?
I have a dog that needs to go for walks 3 times a day. And even though it’s just a quick walk around the block I’m glad I get these walks, especially now that I’m pregnant and need to stay fit as much as I can.

How are you staying “social”?

I love (the socializing app) Houseparty because my entire family uses it. And of course WhatsApp.

Any tips for bored readers on how to keep entertained or fulfilled at home?

It’s ok to be bored. You don’t have to be busy all the time. Embrace boredom. You get creative and tend to do things you wouldn’t normally do. Clean up, tackle a puzzle, journal your thoughts, get some sleep. So instead of being “on” all the time, let your mind take a break from the norm and enjoy boredom.

In self-isolation, are you relaxed or do you feel the need to be extra productive?
Both, depending on the day. Every day is different. If I feel like taking a nap or getting out of bed later than usual in the mornings, I allow myself to do so. And on some days I’m super active, get up very early in the morning and want to create a lot of content. I allow myself to be both.

Are you living in your pajamas, or taking the time to get dressed up?

I’m taking the time to get dressed, it gives me lots of energy!

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