Sam Smith Says Demi Lovato and Her New Boyfriend Are “So Sweet”

Sam Smith Says Demi Lovato and Her New Boyfriend Are "So Sweet"

The ‘Anyone’ singer has been romancing actor Max Ehrich, 28, since March, and Sam – who collaborated with Demi on their new track ‘I’m Ready’ – has revealed they met Max whilst on a FaceTime call with Demi, and believes the new couple are “so sweet” together.

Speaking to Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM show, Sam said: “We met last night, actually on FaceTime. We all went live.”

And when Andy asked if they approve of Max, the 27-year-old singer added: “I don’t know – I haven’t met them [in person]. I don’t know anything about it but it seems … they seem sweet, so sweet. She seems happy at the moment, which is the most important thing.”

Meanwhile, it was recently claimed Max was planning to propose to Demi, also 27, despite having only been together for one month.

A source said earlier this week: “Max plans to propose to Demi after this whole pandemic is resolved and their families wouldn’t be surprised by the proposal. They think they make a great couple.”

But just days later, other insiders dismissed the rumors as “not true”, and insisted the couple are still in the “early” stages of their romance.

They said: “The engagement rumors are not true. It’s still early in the relationship and Demi and Max are enjoying just getting to know each other.”

Whilst they may not be in a rush to walk down the aisle, the new couple are already “very much in love” with each other.

A second source added: “Max is very much in love with Demi and is infatuated with her. Max has basically already moved into Demi’s house and everything has been going really well. They are always joking and laughing all day long, keeping each other entertained.”

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