Sam Asghari Opens up About The Beginnings of His Relationship With Britney Spears

In a new interview with Forbes, US-Iranian actor and fitness enthusiast Sam Asghari opened up about the beginnings of his relationship with US popstar Britney Spears.

The 27-year-old met the “Baby, One More Time” singer in 2016 during a music video shoot for “Slumber Party,” but he admitted that he was hesitant about being in the clip.

“I wanted to do TV, I wanted to do film,” he told the publication. “I didn’t want to… be known as a music video actor, but a good friend of mine was working on a project and they referred me to the team that was picking out the leading role for ‘Slumber Party.’”

“My girlfriend now, at the time, personally picked my picture and she wanted me to be cast in the music video,” he continued, referring to Spears.


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