Saif Nabeel’s New Egyptian Song and Successful Concerts

Recently, Iraqi singer Saif Nabeel has been on his feet a lot, from event to event, concert to concert.

And the famous artist has achieved great success during his MENA summer tour that he recently did, including concerts in Lebanon, Saudi, Jordan and Syria.

Earlier, Saif Nabeel threw two concert in Syria, where tickets for both shows were sold out in a very short amount of time, during that concert, the singer performed his most famous songs including ‘Loo’, ‘Ah Yani’ and ‘Ahebak Domi’ and many more.

The previous Saif Nabeel concerts were super successful as fans went crazy over his magical voice and spectacular performance, with many positive feedback from social media users.

It is worth noting that soon after Nabeel released ‘Ahebak Domi’ the song got over 7 million views in less than two weeks, and the song is still getting many views and interactions.

Currently, Saif is preparing to release a new song, but this time instead of an Iraqi accent, Said is switching things up and releasing the new song in an Egyptian accent, the title of the upcoming song is ‘Habba Habba’ written by Amr Al Masri.

Saif Nabeel is set to have a concert on the 6th of August in Tunisia.

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