Sad Affair: Egyptian Family Die One-by-One After Attending a Wedding

Sad Affair: Egyptian Family Die One-by-One After Attending a Wedding

An Egyptian family died in Damietta governorate after contracting COVID-19 at a relative’s wedding.

The mother of the family returned home from her nephew’s wedding infected with the virus, and in turn infected her husband and two of her children before she died.


On August 26, pharmacist Mohamed Al-Fangari announced that his mother’s death was due to the coronavirus.

Ten days later, he revealed the death of his father, and three days later his brother also died from the virus.

After a few days, Al-Fangari announced that he, too, was infected.

Egyptian media later revealed that he died.

Before his death, Al-Fangari shared several posts on his Facebook page about his family’s infection with the virus, asking people not to bully COVID-19 patients.

“We are all confident in God’s ability, mercy and justice, and are satisfied with his judgment,” he said on his Facebook account. “From the beginning of the coronavirus crisis in February, I have not shied away from my responsibility in front of people, and I have not been negligent with knowledge, advice, or material or moral assistance,” he said.

“I swear we have been quarantined in our house since the beginning of March. The only time my mother went out was after the Eid for her nephew’s wedding. She got infected from one of her relatives there, and then the infection was transmitted to a large number of family members.”

His friends and the people of Damietta bade farewell to Al-Fangari by spreading condolences and prayers on social media.

The number of new daily coronavirus cases is falling Egypt, according to government statements.

On Wednesday, the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population reported 121 new coronavirus cases and 16 deaths.

The ministry said the total number of recorded coronavirus cases had reached 102,375, with 91,843 recoveries and 5,822 deaths.

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