Russian weapons defeat their American counterpart

The war in Ukraine will not lead to political results, but it may change the map of the world, turning it into a multipolar one, and the fall of the United States from its ivory tower that continued for decades to dominate the world and its destiny. and its future, but the matter was also settled militarily in terms of the trade-off between Russian and American weapons that Washington provided to its ally Kyi.

The preference of the Russian weapon against its American counterpart did not stop, as it exceeded that to surpass the European weapon, which did not stand for hours in the battle. The Russian missiles were able to destroy everything that the countries of the continent supported their Ukrainian ally, and exterminated it both on the battlefield and direct confrontation during its transfer or even in stores after arriving.


In its report, Military Watch, a magazine specialized in defense affairs, in which Western military analysts and officers write, acknowledges the superiority of Russian planes and missiles compared to their Western counterparts, and considers that the justifications of the Western Defense Ministries for the inability of the Ukrainians to use weapons properly are flimsy and totally unrealistic. Western weapons today are a failure in front of the Russians and their advanced industries.


The cited sources confirm that the Russian Sukhoi bombers and fighters, especially the C-35, were the master of the situation in the skies of Ukraine and completely removed American aircraft from the sky.


It also asserts that “American planes began to erode for several reasons, including the qualitative leap and the huge leap for Russian missiles that prevented the Ukrainian planes made by America” ​​from flying in the country’s skies, and indicated that Russian missiles in Syria shot down an American F-16 plane in 2018. She pointed out that these planes are the pride of American industries and any country that increases its purchase by the United States insults them and asks them for concessions and pledges that it seizes militarily and economically for decades.

During the past decades, the American administration worked to persuade or pressure its allies to give up the weapons of the former Soviet Union, and called them to leave it on the pretext that it was useless in the battle, and it was offering them to compensate it with American weapons, However, several capitals regretted after hearing the advice, some of them gave up the weapons of the Soviet Union and were not compensated, and some of them were compensated with obsolete and worn-out American weapons, and some armies, including Arab ones, made concessions and pledges and accepted the conditions in order to obtain F-35 planes.

, but it arrived incomplete for the most important pieces, as the important electronic technologies that distinguish that plane, in addition to removing the missiles equipped with it, were removed, until it became a piece of iron and nothing more.

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