Russia competes with America to lead the world

In light of the balance of forces and the insistence of the Russian forces to complete their mission, Russia cannot be defeated in Ukraine according to all the internal and external Russian and Ukrainian facts.

Before the Russian forces began their military operation in the Ukrainian territory, the United States of America launched an international political and media campaign to demonize Russia, in order to protect the principles of international law and the unity of Ukraine. However, beyond the borders, the US campaign is not a fear for Ukraine, its people, or its fate. Rather, it is an attempt to distance Russia from the world map and keep it away from international competition in an effort by Washington to remain the only pole that controls the joints of the world.

The world cannot live in peace as long as the United States controls it unilaterally, and for this world in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and dozens of arenas in which America intervened as a good example, not to mention what is happening in occupied Palestine for decades because of Washington’s dominance over the decision of the arms operation and the support of the oppressor and his support before the truth and the oppressed.

Therefore, the United Nations, relevant international organizations and institutions, as well as countries and governments in the world, must be aware of the need for a global balance and another pole that seeks and defends the interests of the majority of the world’s countries. At the present time, only Russia can compete with the United States.

Over the years, specifically since 2014, the regime in Kyiv posed a great danger to the Russian state, when the US embassy led the so-called Orange Revolution and overthrew the legitimate government and brought a Western-backed regime.

Later, Western countries used this country as a dagger on the Russian side, a bargaining chip, a threat, and NATO and the European Union have long manipulated the Ukrainian ruling system, which was forced to make concessions and concessions at the expense of its territory. The sovereignty and security of its neighbors in order to obtain membership in NATO and the European Union

The Kyiv regime agreed to deploy European and US missiles and military bases on its territory, which would have threatened Russian national security, and it turned out that the United States had built 31 biological laboratories in Ukraine that threaten global security.

The Ukrainian regime, with the support and incitement of Western countries, went to repression, harassment, bullying and genocide against Russian speakers, especially in the southern regions bordering the Russian borders. Washington is looking for its interests only, and has embroiled Ukraine in a war with a superpower and refrained from protecting it, while it pushed Germany to suspend approval of the Russian gas pipeline “Nord Stream 2”, thus depriving it of gas, and sought to weaken the European Union to remain in need and away from its competition and sought to exploit the war to cut off Russian gas from Europe, which will search for other sources at double prices.

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