Russia bringing in reinforcements from Georgia, prioritizing the Donbas: Pentagon

A senior Pentagon official said Friday that Russia was beginning to call upon reinforcements from Georgia as Moscow struggles in its bid for a swift takeover of neighboring Ukraine.

“I will say that we’ve seen our first indication that they [Russia] are trying to send in some reinforcements from Georgia. So, we have seen the movement of some number of troops from Georgia,” a senior US defense official told reporters.

The official was unable to elaborate on the number of estimated Russian forces from Georgia or where they were headed inside Ukraine.

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine entering its second month, the official said Moscow was now focusing on the Donbas rather than the capital of Kyiv.

And despite Russia still possessing a majority of its weapons allocated for its war on Ukraine, the official said there were signs of Russian forces running low on precision-guided munitions.

“We think that’s one of the reasons why we’re seeing them use more and more dumb bombs,” the official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said.

The official also revealed that another shipment of US weapons intended for Ukraine had landed in the “region” on Friday. The official added that three more shipments would arrive over the next three days.

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