Roula Chamieh Announces Divorce From Husband Roudy Saad!

Roula Chamieh Announces Divorce From Husband Roudy Saad!

Lebanese actress Roula Chamieh surprised her fans by announcing her official divorce from Roudy Saad, one year after their marriage.

Chamieh shared the news with her 502k followers on Instagram, saying: “I learned that presence of pains, in this world removes affliction, so how if she (referring to her mom) dies and goes to heaven! When eyes bleed tears, they have clarity and they see the light. As I declared my joy with my marriage, I am now announcing to you my divorce.”

Roula’s post:

From his side, Roudy wrote: “It is so beautiful when love and respect unite you under one roof with the person you love, but it is more beautiful when you separate with the same love and respect. Wishing you all the best my sweetheart.”

Roudy’s post:

Earlier this month, Roula’s mother passed away in Egypt and she could not be there because of lockdown and flights ban.

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