Romanian daily life under COVID-19

After its first case of COVID-19 was discovered on February 26, Romania wanted to move fast to try to curb the spread, imposing progressively tighter restrictions over the following weeks.

A series of orders were issued, starting with recommendations to limit movement on March 21, which became restrictions three days later. Between 6am and 10pm, citizens were to stay home unless they needed to go to work, buy essentials, see a doctor, help a vulnerable person, or walk their pet. Anybody caught breaking these rules would face a hefty fine.

Officials hope the early adoption of safety measures will keep the medical system from collapsing, especially as Romania’s beleaguered healthcare sector has had seemingly endless problems in recent years.

Today, 30 of Romania’s 82 coronavirus deaths have been registered at the Suceava municipal hospital, where reports also suggest that more than 180 medical staff have been infected due to a lack of personal protective gear. On March 30, the town was put under total lockdown, nobody is allowed in, and nobody can come out.

Whatever the level of restriction they are living under, Romanians are trying to get used to their new reality.

By March 31, officials reported there were 2,245 cases of infection, and 82 people dead of coronavirus in the country. A total of 23,103 tests have been administered.

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