Roman Reign to be a Father for Twins

Roman Reign to be a Father for Twins

Roman Reigns has revealed his wife is pregnant with twins.

The WWE superstar – who already has a daughter and twin boys with his wife Galina Joelle Becker – announced the couple are expecting two new arrivals, but didn’t confirm when his partner is due to give birth.

Speaking to Muscle & Fitness about his family life, he said: “Three, with two in the oven!

“So I’m looking to be Papa Bear Five! Breaking news, we haven’t really shared that.”

The happy news comes just weeks after the 34-year-old wrestler – who returned to WWE in February last year when his leukaemia went into remission following a second battle with the disease – pulled out of ‘WrestleMania 36’.

Although there was speculation his decision to drop out of his Universal Championship match with Goldberg was down to his own health, Roman spoke out at the time to suggest there was more to it than that.

He recently explained: “It’s funny because for years, people are like, ‘Don’t show up to WrestleMania, we don’t want you in it.’ There’s a nice handful of dudes and haters that didn’t want me there.

“But the moment I make a choice for me and my family, I’m a coward, I’m a sissy, a lot of different things. But you don’t know the whole story. All you know is what you think. “Oh his health.”

“But you don’t know what else is going on in my life. You don’t know if I have newborns or if I have family at my household, older family.

“Like the old saying goes, flip that cover open and read a few pages. Get into a few chapters before you really start running your mouth.”

Regardless of his situation, Roman was still apologetic towards his fans for missing the huge annual event.

He added: “For all my fans, I’m sorry I didn’t get to compete this year and put on a show and entertain.

Sometimes, things are more important and I had to make a choice for me and my family.”

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