Robyn Neild’s Sculptures Playfully Investigate a Timeless Female Form

Robyn Neild is renowned for her sophisticated, feminine, aspirational images.

She has an international reputation as an illustrator. With credits ranging from British Vogue to America’s Victoria’s Secret, she has worked on designer collections, high street fashion, luxury brand window displays, cosmetic packaging, and fashion magazines.

For the last twenty years, she was working for clients ranging from Givenchy, Vivienne Westwood, Elizabeth Arden to Hush Puppies, Barnes & Noble, and United Airlines.

Robyn creates her artwork the traditional way, using pen, ink, and brush, only adding finishing touches on the computer.

A few years ago she decided to try a new form of art: to create highly textured yet deceptively delicate sensual pieces.

Robyn’s bronze sculptures are cast in her coastal studio.

“My sculptures are made in my coastal studio, no molds are used, so no two bronzes are the same.”

For Neild, the coast is such a place inspiration the plants living and decaying, driftwood, oxidized metal fragments showing man’s impact on the area, all showing evidence of time and the elements.

“I create my sculptures with wax, fabric, paper, plant life, driftwood, roots, seaweed.”

If you look carefully at the surface of some of my bronzes they carry the pattern of fingerprints as they move, swirl, and form the wax, building up the layers.

Robyn Neild is renowned for her sophisticated, feminine. The sculptures playfully investigate a timeless yet fashionable female form, how clothing can add emphasis or distort the viewer’s eye.

But she often returns to the motif of a boat. This represents new horizons, adventure, sanctuary, protection creating individual forms reminiscent of seed pods, womb life, or contains contrasting linear drama when contained within natural curves.

Robyn has an innate understanding of couture fashion, creating highly textured, seemingly delicate, solid bronze figures captured in motion.

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